Project Description

In the project Kattguldet or Fools gold, I wanted to further investigate the possibilities to combine pewter and glass and how these two materials can be used to shape, reshape and enhance each other. I’m continually interested in, and inspired by, archeological and natural historical findings that make us reflect upon our short existence on earth and the traces we leave behind, and how those traces will be understood by later generations. Kattguld and Fools gold are other names of the mineral Pyrite. Which I feel is a reminiscent of mans obsession to look in the ground for treasures and how we dig deeper and deeper for raw materials to feed our never ending consumption. During the project I have developed sculptures in blown glass and pewter and just like fools gold, I want my sculptures look like something they are not. Things that look like treasures from another time, world and reality, found somewhere in their construction- or degradation process.

Kattguldet / Fools gold is shown at Blås & Knåda in Stockholm 14/3 - 29/4 2020

Project Details

Project Date:

June 21, 2024